True Beauty.

Till Death.

Natural Beauty
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This is a rating community, but unlike all the others, we dont put people down. Anyone who tells others 'to die because they are so ugly' do NOT belong here. Suggestions and compliments are always welcome. Your're all beautiful & if you do not get accepted, then we insist you try again another time with new pictures.

*Within 48 hours, fill out this survey along with your pictures.
1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Location:
4) Hobbies:
5) Favorite movie:
6) Favorite body part:
7) List three positive qualitys about yourself:
8) List about five of your favorite bands:
9) Describe yourself in one word:

*You may post as many photos as you want, as long as they are behind a lj cut.
*Do not make comments/votes on other people's entries if you are not stamped. Otherwise, you will be banned.
*There will be a 2 day limit for voting. After the 2 days the decision will be made if you're in or out.
*Dont judge someone by thier taste in music or whatever. No ignorance, just be honest.
*This community is for both guys & girls.

If you're accepted please start voting on other members as soon as possible. You may post any pictures, just make sure your subject states that you're stamped so people don't vote on you. You can also make any text entries that you want stating any questions, comments, or concerns, etc.

If you're rejected, dont worry there are plenty more chances for you to come back with new pictures. Maybe your pictures just werent clear enough. Keep trying. You are welcome to keep us on your community list, but you can't make any comments on other members unless you are stamped. truely sorry.

For any questions or concerns you can contact the owners Angelica at fire4adrymouth

or Briana at gutlesss
We both equally own this community.

Good luck to you all.
.....true love <3